Ensuring compliance in the maritime industry

C-Log is a secure, digital platform for handling certificates safely and simply and ensuring compliance with official, regulatory requirements. C-Log reduces costs and increases efficiency for private companies as well as public institutions and authorities.

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Safely handles certificates

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Ensures compliance with legislation

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Stabilizes operations

Stabilizes operations

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Reduces costs
and increases efficiency

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Provides security through blockchain technology

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Promotes a healthy working environment

Promotes a healthy working environment

What is C-Log?

C-Log is a digital platform for you who wants a safe and simple place to store, access, control, validate and manage certificates. This digital handling of certificates simplifies and secures the process of ensuring compliance with legislation and pending standards.

Who can benefit from C-Log?

C-Log is for all parties in the international maritime industry, both private and public, including shipping companies, offshore companies, crew management companies, fishing companies, port authorities, marine science institutes and educational institutions.

What does C-Log do?

C-Log helps you meet the increasing compliance demands within the marine industry. C-Log supplies you with a full overview of whether all crew members possess the required certificates - as a company you never again have to worry that your crew forgot to bring all statutory papers on board before take off, and as a seafarer you never have to worry about forgetting to update your skills and classes in time, as required by law.

How does C-Log ensure security?

We are developing the system through blockchain technology to ensure a high level of security; many of the documents which will be handled through C-Log includes personally sensitive information, and secure encryption is therefore essential to us. The system will be in accordance with new compliance demands such as the European Union’s privacy and data regulation, GDPR.

Do you work in the maritime industry?

Then you know about the amount of legislation and pending standards, which the maritime industry must comply with as regards documentation of skills, documentation of passed safety courses and secure handling of personally sensitive informations and more - and the compliance demands are increasing, the European Union’s GDPR being just one example.

Also, you know of the economic and human consequences, in case the documentary certificates cannot be forwarded to port authorities: Ships are not allowed to continue, but must stand still, which is expensive for both the company and employee - and since certificates are still kept in print, these situations do occur. When handling certificates analogously, not only do employees risk to forget to bring or even renew required certificates, the industry also risks fraud - with an unsafe working environment as a result.

On top of these costly affairs, the current handling of certificates is also inefficient to both private companies as well as public authorities and educational institutions.

This made us wonder: Why handle certificates of such an importance on paper? Why not optimize security and efficiency, and lower costs and risks by developing a secure, digital system for handling certificates and meeting compliance demands?

And so, we started developing C-Log - a digital, cloud based platform for handling certificates safely and simply through a secure system. All data is handled encrypted, logged and validated through an API setup and is based on blockchain technology.

C-Log is being developed with multiple partners in the maritime sector. It’s our vision to introduce C-Log internationally when having the first commercial version ready by summer 2018.


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